Green Leaf is Hiring!

We have a position available in the Columbia Valley for a skilled climber with ISA certification. We are seeking a production climber to lead a crew and to provide excellent tree services to our customers. Experience required in all facets of tree care from removals, fine pruning and structural bracing etc. Drop us a line at or call 250-344-0188 for more details

Mountain Pine Beetle

1. Survey and Evaluate: Determine the number and species of trees, any possible infestation and the number of trees that may be susceptible to infestation. 2. Preventative Spraying/ removal of infected trees. 3. Eradication: Fire mitigation and thinning the tree count can decrease competition for nutrients between trees. Pruning lower dead and dying branches can greatly increase a tree's health, as can clearing the surrounding forest floor. (Some biomass is beneficial, but too much can be harmful to the trees.) 4. Replant/Renew Growth
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Dormant Oil Spraying

Minimize usage of those nasty pesticides and take advantage of Dormant Spraying. Dormant spraying refers to spraying during the season of the year when deciduous trees and shrubs are leafless, and buds are in the overwintering, dormant condition. Materials applied as dormant sprays include horticulturals oils (dormant oil) and lime sulphur. Horticultural oils mix with water to form a milky emulsion. After the water evaporates, a thin layer of oil is left on the tree. Any overwintering stages of insects such as eggs or pupae, when sprayed with dormant oil, will suffocate. Some examples of these insects are scales, mites, aphids and eggs of moths, such as leafrollers. We will begin spraying in March 2014 prior to buds swelling.

Christmas Tree Chipping- Food Bank Drive

Once again we will be chipping christmas trees in exchange for donations to The Golden Food Bank. We will be collecting trees in exchange for donations (cash, cheque or food) on Wednesday, January 8th, 2014. Simply give us a call at 250 344 0188 or an email to to arrange for pick-up of your tree. Once we have placed you on our list for collections please place your tree (with all ornaments etc. removed) at the curb on January 8th. Donations can be left with the tree, or simply provide us with any details in regards to where you'd like us to collect your donation. Happy Holidays Golden...see you all in the New Year!

We Take Safety Seriously!

Aerial Rescue TrainingAt Green Leaf Tree Services, we take safety very seriously. An arborist performs high angle rope work, often with a chainsaw. Because of this, there is a great need to train to industry best practices. Green Leaf Tree Services is SAFE company certified, and we have an extensive safety program which our staff adheres to in order to ensure we maintain a high level of safety while caring for your trees. In this picture, crew members practice the skills needed to safely and efficiently access an injured coworker, assess their injuries, and bring them safely to the ground. Our company has been assessed through random audits by WCB compliance officers and we have always met and exceeded their expectations. 

Technical Tree Removal- Lake Louise Alberta

speedline removalGreen Leaf was recently commissioned by Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts to remove an uprooted spruce tree with extensive decay which threatened to fall onto a propane tank and delivery system. With no room below the tree to place any pieces our skilled climber employed a speedline rigging system to safely lower all limbs and wood to a landing zone away from the propane tank. Technical removals like this are our specialty! We are trained and certified to deal with such hazards in confined spaces.

FireSmart Treatments- Canmore AB

Crews removing dead standing and downed treesIn partnership with Alpine Precision Tree Service, Green Leaf has been providing fuel reduction treatments within the town of Canmore AB. By spacing out advanced regen and removing dead standing and downed trees the intensity of wildfire is reduced. Green Leaf and Alpine Precision has experienced and certified staff, the proper equipment and experience to provide this type of service for both residential/ commercial land owners and municipalities alike.

Tree Removal at Panorama Mountain Resort- Invermere BC

Green Leaf was commissioned to remove a large Spruce tree at Panorama resort back in 2009. A roof had been built around the tree and therefore there was no room for material to fall and very little margin for error. We safely rigged the tree down in sections and removed all debris from site with no damage to the customers home or property. A precision removal.

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