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As a home owner, property manager, golf course operator or municipal employee, you know the value trees can add to your property. You treat your trees like any one of your assets. You realize that caring for and maintaining your trees makes good sense for your investments and quality of life.

Not all tree companies are created equal. You need someone who cares about your trees as much as you do. You're looking for someone who can tell you if your trees are healthy or hazardous and provide practical solutions. You want someone who understands proper pruning practices to maintain your trees.

Green Leaf Tree Services prides ourselves on being at the forefront of professional tree care. As ISA Certified Arborists we are trained and certified in the proper care of trees. Our team has extensive experience, skills and recognized training to complete any tree related project.

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Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning Services

Pruning treatments can vary widely in their technique and desired results.

A Green Leaf Tree Services qualified ISA Certified Arborist will determine the needs of each tree individually and will apply the proper technique to achieve your desired objective. All Green Leaf Tree Services pruning recommendations are based on the ANSI A300 Pruning Standards, recognized by professional arborists nationwide.  

Tree Risk Assessments


Green Leaf offers consulting and diagnostic services such as: Certified Tree Risk Assessments by certified  assessors, tree protection planning and supervision for construction sites, assessments and reports for insurance purposes, fire smart planning and treatments, private pruning seminars. 

Tree Removal


Unfortunately, there are times when trees become undesirable or hazardous and there is no choice other than removal. We employ state of the art rigging techniques and are qualified and trained in order to safely remove trees from close quarters. We follow strict safety practices to ensure a successful job. For your protection we are fully insured with $5,000,000 liability and all workers are covered by Workers Compensation. 

Emergency and Storm Services

Stump Grinding

Structural Bracing

Green Leaf Tree Services utilizes specialized equipment which grinds the stump below grade level. This technique not only allows for unencumbered usage of the property without the need for highly intrusive trenching equipment, as an added bonus valuable mulching material is created in the process.

When one of our professional arborists identifies a structural defect in a tree, we will explore options to reduce the potential risk of failure to an acceptable level in order to extend the life of the tree. The installation of high-strength steel cables and rods can provide supplementary support to weak limbs and even whole trees.

If its an emergency- Call our office anytime day or night and a crew will be dispatched to quickly remedy the situation. Our crews are trained in complex rigging and technical tree falling and removal. On less urgent calls we can schedule a time to do the work at a lower cost than emergency work. 


Christmas Light Installation

We specialize in installing lights in large trees. Do you have a tree in your yard that you’ve always thought about lighting up for the holidays? Our professional climbers can string up a light display that will brighten up your neighborhood this holiday season! Click here for more information on pricing and service details.


Trail Building and Maintenance

Trail clearing, brushing, assessments and maintenance of park trails to promote optimum health and sustainability. We can also provide layout and GPS services.


Construction Planning and Protection

Erosion, grade changes, compaction and mechanical damage can all create detrimental consequences to trees as a result of construction activities. Treating construction damage after the fact is difficult and often not successful. To ensure the best results for your trees, call Green Leaf Tree Services and have a professional Arborist review the plans before work begins. We will help you make informed decisions about which trees to keep and how best to protect them through the construction process.

These guys are real professionals! They do an awesome job and clean up after themselves. We have had them come twice for different trees and it is always a pleasure to watch them work. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
— Bev Ewan

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