How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Tree?

How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Tree?

Factors Considered When Determining the Cost of a Tree Removal:

Most factors, to some degree, are tied with how they affect the amount of time that is required to complete the tree removal process.

More dangerous jobs require more time to complete; Trees that are in a poor location will require more time to remove, and trees that are above homes or near other structures often involve rigging (lowering sections of wood with ropes, arborist blocks and pulleys) which will require more time to remove. Anything that takes more time, costs more money. Also equipment costs come into play. Often there no other options to safely remove a tree other than employing the use of a crane which will also add a significant cost to the project.

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Douglas Fir Bark Beetle

Bark Beetle galleries

Over the last few seasons we have seen an explosion of both Douglas fir bark beetle and Spruce bark beetle in the southern interior. Widespread infests have caused mortality to many old veteran trees in the Columbia Valley. Spotting the signs of attack and removing infestested trees is the only option to reduce the population once it attacks standing trees. The other options we have for prevention is to apply MCH pheromone patches to help protect valuable trees and stands.

A short time after the Douglas-fir beetle attacks a tree it produces an antiaggregative pheromone (MCH) to regulate the number of attacks in a host tree. Synthetic formulations of MCH have proven very effective in preventing attack of the Douglas-fir beetle. The MCH is contained in small plastic dispensers deployed at regular intervals throughout the stand to be protected. Contact us at or 1-888-431-8733 to help protect your trees this spring.



Not all pruning is good!

Pruning a Willow tree at a historic siteOne of the most common questions we field is when is the proper time to prune a tree. While this can be an important question, I believe the more important question should be, why are we wanting to prune the tree? Aesthetics, dead wood removal, clearance from structures or a reduction in size are reasons for pruning. It is best to keep in mind that pruning a tree can be very harmful if done improperly. It is best to seek the advise of an ISA Certified arborist when looking for consultation about the health and well-being of your trees. The attached picture is of a Weeping Willow we pruned at Kinsmen Beach in Invermere in order to remove deadwood and to raise the crown for clearance. Give us a call to have your trees assessed by an ISA Certified Arborist today. Beware of those claiming experience but no credentials as often poor experience leads to long term damage to trees.

Vista Enhancement

View enhancement- Windermere BCOften views are obscured over time by encroaching vegetation. We are experts at properly pruning and or selectively removing trees to ensure those million dollar views are maintained. The attached photo is a before and after view from our clients deck in Windermere BC. It is very important for the health of the trees to access the canopies without the use of spurs (spikes used to ascend). To help maintain the health of your trees and to enhance your views make sure to hire professionally certified Arborists and ensure they don't climb your trees using spurs!

Dormant Oil Spraying

Minimize usage of those nasty pesticides and take advantage of Dormant Spraying. Dormant spraying refers to spraying during the season of the year when deciduous trees and shrubs are leafless, and buds are in the overwintering, dormant condition. Materials applied as dormant sprays include horticulturals oils (dormant oil) and lime sulphur. Horticultural oils mix with water to form a milky emulsion. After the water evaporates, a thin layer of oil is left on the tree. Any overwintering stages of insects such as eggs or pupae, when sprayed with dormant oil, will suffocate. Some examples of these insects are scales, mites, aphids and eggs of moths, such as leafrollers. We will begin spraying in March 2014 prior to buds swelling.

Tree Removal at Panorama Mountain Resort- Invermere BC

Green Leaf was commissioned to remove a large Spruce tree at Panorama resort back in 2009. A roof had been built around the tree and therefore there was no room for material to fall and very little margin for error. We safely rigged the tree down in sections and removed all debris from site with no damage to the customers home or property. A precision removal.

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