Fire Smart Tree Service

Get Ready!

Site preparation for the fire season is crucial. Did you know that any kind of vegetation is combustible? Mature trees, shrubs, grass even your woodpile, are all potential fuels and can easily ignite! Green Leaf Tree Service is here to help you manage your property for fire hazards. 

First Priority: 

The first 10 metres of space around your home is your 'first priority'. A good fuel free space gives firefighters a chance to save your home from an advancing fire. Remove any shrubs, trees, deadfall or woodpiles from this area and keep your grass mowed and watered. 

Second Priority:

From 10-30 metres out from your home is the second priority zone. In this zone, you need to reduce fuels by thinning and pruning so that combustion cannot be supported.  Remove trees and debris that can spread fire upwards to become a fast spreading crown fire. Remove deadfall, thick shrubbery and mature trees that might provide the opportunity for a ground fire to climb up into the forest canopy. Once a fire crowns out, it's virtually unstoppable. 

For more information check out BC's Fire Smart Manual.