The Dangers of Tree Work

According to Work Safe BC, there were over 150 tree work service fatalities last year. Tree work is serious business, which is why Green Leaf Tree hires certified arborists and tree fallers. Training and safety regulations are two factors that decrease a crew member's likelihood of injury. When a client asks us for a quote, the safety of our crew and clients is paramount. Proximity to power lines, structures, roads and environmental hazards are all factors when we issue a quote and complete a job. 

Operating a chainsaw is dangerous enough on the ground, let alone at sixty- eighty feet high in the air! Our team members take a chainsaw course in order to be certified to operate such equipment. Our entire crew also takes an aerial rigging course so that they can safely climb and fall trees as well as execute a service that requires rigging in accordance with our insurance. These continuing education courses are also part of our overall business costs. When you receive a quote consider the amount of safety precautions and training that will go into your job. We know that our customers expect professional service that is safe and swift.