Douglas Fir Bark Beetle

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Over the last few seasons we have seen an explosion of both Douglas fir bark beetle and Spruce bark beetle in the southern interior. Widespread infests have caused mortality to many old veteran trees in the Columbia Valley. Spotting the signs of attack and removing infestested trees is the only option to reduce the population once it attacks standing trees. The other options we have for prevention is to apply MCH pheromone patches to help protect valuable trees and stands.

A short time after the Douglas-fir beetle attacks a tree it produces an antiaggregative pheromone (MCH) to regulate the number of attacks in a host tree. Synthetic formulations of MCH have proven very effective in preventing attack of the Douglas-fir beetle. The MCH is contained in small plastic dispensers deployed at regular intervals throughout the stand to be protected. Contact us at or 1-888-431-8733 to help protect your trees this spring.